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Post  Choiceinator on Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:50 am

The untouchables (we may be changing the name soon depending if members like it or not) is a clan Designed by Mr. Lova and i we worked pretty hard at making the forum and epic site. We need members to help the clan grow and get into a start. We look forward to working with anyone willing to join. As we start we will be focusing on enjoyment then we will get competitive
must have mic/vent
must be mature
lvl must be 20-30
must be respectful to teammates
cant rage over the game
must be active
must sign up to the forum and site
please join the clan and if u do please add me and Mr.lova on lol
oh and this is an lol clan and we may be including other games in theclan but atm our main focus is on lol. Remember to get vent on ur comp if u dont already have it. and heres the info for the vent.
hostname or ip:
hope u have flipin awesome time in our clan
the site: remember theres a tab near the top that says forum just click that and it will bring u to the forum but heres the link just in case


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